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Zambulkura School

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Zambulkura community primary school was established in September 2018 with 235 children and 5 volunteer teachers. Before then the community had no school and all these children were not going to school. A pavilion was erected with sticks to serve as a school for children in Zambulkura and Jarigitinga communities.  Our community based NGO (RRHZ), Chief of Zambulkura , Naa Baaduran III and the community has been working gradually in making cement blocks to replace the sticks as walls of the school block. Currently, two classrooms out of five classrooms has been completed and fixed with doors and windows. The remaining three classrooms are about half way to completion. There is an urgent need for a library, Furniture, storeroom to keep books and other school materials, and equally critical need is a toilet since both children and teachers continue to do open defecation. KJM Foundation on 11th April 2021 helped drilled a borehole for the school where the children can now have easy access to clean drinking water. We are now appealing for sponsors to build a ten seated toilet (wcs ) for the school.

The school is also challenged with lack of text books. The new curriculum texts books introduced by the Ghana Education Service has not yet been procured due to lack of funds. We humbly appeal to kind hearted individuals, Organizations and Philanthropist to come to our aid in the above areas of need for the school.

One measure we used to curb school dropout is the establishment of a school farm where maize is cultivated and sold to buy rice, beans, oil and other ingredients to prepare one meal a day for the children at school. This is actually attracting more children and retaining them in the school.

This is the current stage of the school building from 2018 – 2021. The school building is on going, individuals and organizations can still send their support to help complete the structure, provide furniture, library, and a ten (10) seated toilet facility for the school to end open defecation.

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