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What We Do


Change lives

$200 helps buy 50 exercise books for pupil in basic school in Zambulkura in the Northern Region of Ghana.


Our work


Education is not a choice in this twenty-first century. It is a must for every child and Zambulkura children are not exceptional in accessing quality education. Zambulkura and the surrounding communities have no school for the children to attend as such Rescue and Restore Hope fills in the gap of providing the community with quality education by giving donors and individuals the opportunity to help salvage the situation.

One critical issue seriously affecting Zambulkura and the surrounding communities is the difficulty in accessing quality healthcare. Rescue and Restore Hope fill in the gap of the community accessing quality health by bringing in health experts and also letting donors and individuals to help salvage the situation.



Access to clean water and sanitation as a whole is challenging in  Zambulkura and the surrounding communities. This calls for Rescue and Restore Hope as a Non-profit organization to fill in the gap of the community having a clean and and good sanitation as well as drinking water by making donors and individuals aware to help donate to salvage the sanitation problem in the community and it surroundings.

Our Programmes


Child Education

We empower every child in the community by given them quality education today for a better future.


Quality Health

We give the entire community quality health care services for better and long live.



Clean environment is not a choice in this global world. We therefore help the community ensure a clean environment.