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Who we are

Rescue & Restore Hope— is a nonprofit organization that seeks to enable thousands of children in Zambulkura in the Northern Region of Ghana to achieve lasting quality education and health through individual, organizations and donors support. The NGO has been in operation for the past two years and desires to make great impact in the lives of the younger ones. Its founder, Maxwell Tidow Koligu (Naa Baadurana iii, chief of Zambulkura) who is the first person to be educated in his community thrives to help his and the next generation to have better health and education in order to bring maximum development in the community.

“There is always inner satisfaction when destinies are being blessed.”

Maxwell Tidow

Our work


Education is not a choice in this twenty-first century. It is a must for every child and Zambulkura children are not exceptional in accessing quality education. Zambulkura and the surrounding communities have no school for the children to attend as such Rescue and Restore Hope fills in the gap of providing the community with quality education by giving donors and individuals the opportunity to help salvage the situation.

One critical issue seriously affecting Zambulkura and the surrounding communities is the difficulty in accessing quality healthcare. Rescue and Restore Hope fill in the gap of the community accessing quality health by bringing in health experts and also letting donors and individuals to help salvage the situation.



Access to clean water and sanitation as a whole is challenging in  Zambulkura and the surrounding communities. This calls for Rescue and Restore Hope as a Non-profit organization to fill in the gap of the community having a clean and and good sanitation as well as drinking water by making donors and individuals aware to help donate to salvage the sanitation problem in the community and it surroundings.


To provide opportunity for all children within the Zambulkura area to achieve their fullest potentials in Academics and Sports, ensure access to affordable quality Healthcare, and to end all forms of discrimination against women and children for total Development.


To Implement an Integrated Health, Education, Sports, and Discrimination free against women Model System that would ensure Zambulkura becomes the best Developed Community in Northern Ghana.


Change lives

$200 helps buy 50 exercise books for pupil in basic school in Zambulkura in the Northern Region of Ghana.


Become part of a bigger family



Volunteers are the very people who make great impact that cannot be comprehended in the minds of the simple. They also leave an unforgettable legacy in the lives of rural people. Volunteers can go beyond the normally work to them and do great and greater work. Anyone can volunteer at anytime to make a great impact the lives of rural communities in Ghana through Rescue and Restore Hope Non-profit Organization.



Our donors are spectacular. Words cannot describe the amazing impact they have create in providing quality education and easy access to health and good sanitation in Zambulkura community in Northern Region of Ghana.They don’t just donate, but they follow up to see the impact they are making individually and collectively. Any individual or organization can choose to donate to support our course.



Members are yet another set of people Rescue & Restore Hope believes in their work. They are long living people who sacrifice their lives daily not to only help provide clean water, but to help create campaigns on clean, water, sanitation and an environment conducive for everyone to live. It is just as easy as anything for one to be a member of Rescue & Restore Hope.

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Why Support Us?

Transparency and accountability of donors money

We guarantee transparency and accountability of every penny and cedis given to us by individuals, organizations and donors from outside and within Ghana. We do this by independently audit our account every year to account for every penny we spend. Our Ghana team provide due diligence and oversight, ensuring every penny you give helps children and families in need.

See the impact you make in the lives of other people

Lasting impact and positive remarks are what your little and bigger donations do. A close look at the way lives are been change indicate the areas we honestly spend your money such as health, education and sanitation. Many children are now in school and most people in the community health have been restored as well. Feedback is one the indicators we use to measure the impact you are making.

Make a continual difference that lasts

Rescue and Restore Hope is committed to making continual changes that Zambulkura and its surrounding communities can uphold without our ongoing support. Our projects are engaging and participating therefore making the chief and the entire community to be committed to improving their own lives. We therefore empower them so that they can solidly be standing with our support.


One other challenge that the people of Zambulkura and its surrounding communities such as Sumanitinga, Tintariga, Boritinga, Jarigitinga, Tichirigitaba among others are facing is the lack of access to quality health care services.  The nearest health facility to Zambulkura is located in Nalerigu about 20km away, whilst that of Sumanitinga is about 35km to Nalerigu....
April 17, 2021
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Zambulkura School

Zambulkura community primary school was established in September 2018 with 235 children and 5 volunteer teachers. Before then the community had no school and all these children were not going to school. A pavilion was erected with sticks to serve as a school for children in Zambulkura and Jarigitinga communities.  Our community based NGO (RRHZ),…

April 17, 2021
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Child Suffering from Malaria, Zambulkura – Ghana
https://www.rescuerestorehopegh.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/Malaria.mp4 This little girl like several other children  are suffering from severe malaria disease. When they come like this they are too weak to join que for the screening. our medical team came with malaria test kits and malaria medicines, dewormers , cough syrups and antibiotics to help the communities
November 16, 2020
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