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Zambulkura in Northern Region, Ghana gets school

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The school in Zambulkura was officially opened on 10th September 2018. Currently 235 children  (123 girls and 112 boys) has enrolled. The children are from Zambulkura and adjoining Jarigitinga community. The structure is already congested and needs more classroom. Community members are sending messages to their relatives who have travelled to Brong Ahafo Region and farming to send back their children to zambulkura to go to school because there’s now’s school  in Zambulkura.So we anticipate many more children will enroll in early January 2019

  • Currently 235 students for the first time in the community.
  • 123 are girls and 112 are boys.
  • Since this is the first school in the community, traveled relatives are bringing their children back to attend school.
  • Most of the traveled community members are in Brong Ahafo Region of Ghana.
  • Enrollment of students are expected to increase since the news of a new school is spread allover places members of the community are found within Ghana.

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In the near future, Rescue and Restore Hope will build Senior High School so to help raise up new set of generational leaders who will be responsible to developing the community.

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